A NASA spacecraft has smashed into an asteroid as part of a mission to protect Earth. The asteroid called by the name “Dimorphos” was smashed by an unnamed rocket launched by NASA. The asteroid, Dimorphos was smashed just as an example of how the Planet Earth can be saved when real big asteroids come towards the earth. Dimorphos was 560ft wide. Dimorphos was no real threat to the earth but was a part of an experiment.

Domorphos location is around 11 million kilometres away from earth. The main objective while performing the test was to make sure that earth will be saved if some big asteroids ever make their way toward us. Sci-Fi just became a reality show. “As far as we can tell, our first planetary defence test was a success. I think Earthlings should sleep better. Definitely, I will.”, said Elena Adams, DART’s mission systems engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

The dinosaurs couldn’t save themself 65 million years ago because they didn’t have any space program. Today’s generation is wildly advanced and is able to solve most of the planetary problems. “The dinosaurs didn’t have a space program to help them, but we do,” said Katherine Calvin, NASA’s chief scientist and senior climate advisor.

“The spacecraft is very small. Sometimes, we describe it as running a golf cart into the Great Pyramid.”, said planetary scientist Nancy Chabot. The golf cart-sized spacecraft smashed into Domorphos at around 7:14 p.m. EDT. The speed of the spacecraft was something around 22,500 Kilometres per hour.

Dimorphos showed a very good example of how our modern technology might help us in doomsday. The Dinosaurs didn’t had any space program to help them survive the extinction but we do. The earthlings can sleep better at night after this.

DART impact, but interpolated to simulate what a video would’ve looked like

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